October Readings Sale!

Yes!  It’s time for the October Readings Sale!  In honor of my favorite holiday, Halloween,  20 minutes costs $20.  The readings are Astro-Tarot readings, a combination of Astrology and Tarot.  Very insightful and full of details, astro-tarot readings work for any question you have:  love, money, career, children, pets, you name it. To order, click … Read more

Tarot Forecast August 2016

Welcome to a new feature – tarot card forecasts.  This is your tarot forecast August 2016.  These forecast videos are being hosted by Virtual Tarot Psychic Network on You Tube.  I do have my own You Tube Channel, but as I write this, not much going on there!

Anyway, enjoy your forecasts for the month of August.  I, personally, always view my rising sign, but you can view your sun, moon, and/or rising sign and see what rings true for you.

Tarot Forecast Leo August 2016

Lovely Leo, happy birthday!  And remember, love is the answer for you in August.

Tarot Forecast Virgo August 2016

Virgo, you need to use your resources wisely.  Watch the video and find out more of what’s in store for you in August.

Tarot Forecast Libra August 2016

Libra, you’re a bad ass in your professional life.  See how this plays out for you in August. Watch the video.

Tarot Forecast Scorpio August 2016

Oh my Scorpio, it looks like you be juggling many duties and herding cats in August.  Watch the video to see if you’ll get any relief.

Tarot Forecast Sagittarius August 2016

Adventurous Saggitarius, you have Mars and Saturn in your sign all month.  Watch the video to find out how that works for you!

Tarot Forecast Capricorn August 2016

What does Hilary Clinton have to do with the forecast for Capricorn?  Watch and find out!

Tarot Forecast Aquarius August 2016

Aquarius, you may be feeling a bit overburdened this month. Watch the video and see how you might let go of some baggage.

Tarot Forecast Pisces August 2016

Pisces, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face!  Watch the video to unravel what’s got you so up in arms.

Tarot Forecast Aries August 2016

Aries, Mick Jagger a fellow fire sign (Leo) comes up in your reading this month.  Find out what the heck he’s doing there by watching the video.

Tarot Forecast Taurus August 2016

Taurus, looks like a little relaxation is in order for you this month. Watch the video to find out what else is at play for you.

Tarot Forecast Gemini August 2016

Gemini, I ask you, what’s it all about Alfie? Yes we discuss Jude Law, the movie Alfie, and your life in August.

Tarot Forecast Cancer August 2016

Cancer, are you refusing to see the situation around you for what it is? What the video and find out how to shift your perspective and free yourself from your own prison.

I hope you enjoyed your Tarot Forecast August 2016.  See you in September!

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