Astrology Predictions 2016 Election

What Astrologers are saying about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders Astrology Predictions 2016 Election from Susan Herskowitz and Alex Miller. Susan Herskowitz of The Uranian Astrologer looks at the natal charts and election day charts for Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Uranian astrology was invented by 2 German astrologers during World … Read more

Mars Retrograde Cycles

Mars Retrograde in the Lives of David Bowie, Graham Hancock This article is inspired by and relies heavily on the content from the Exploring Astrology Podcast by Adam Sommer with guest Nick Dagen Best from January 17, 2016. A little about the Mars Retrograde Cycle Mars retrograde occurs once every 22 to 24 months. Unlike … Read more

What interests you about Tarot?

This site is about Tarot, Astrology and other intuitive arts. What interests you about these subjects? predicting the future the ancientness of the system accessing hidden realms learning about yourself something else? Post your comments below and I will make this website “more of that”. Thanks for your input!