How to Read Tarot for Money

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show-me-the-moneyI made $800 in October reading Tarot cards at parties.

Before you freak out and quit your job to become a full time Tarot reader, keep in mind that October is one of the busiest months for readers.



And really from now until January 1 is the busiest season for party readings.  The rest of the year, from my experience, it’s pretty dead.

Am I a Full Time Reader?

No, I am not a full time Tarot reader, and to be honest, I really don’t want to be.  I do from time to time do private Tarot or Astrology readings.  Mostly I read at parties, which I like to call group rates for readings.

My favorite part about reading at parties is that I get invited to way cool parties and get to meet lots of interesting people.

How to Read Tarot for Money Tips

Here are some tips for getting gigs reading Tarot at parties:

– Use Gigmasters.  I joined several online booking sites and Gigmasters is the only one that ever sends me leads.

You have to pay to participate on Gigmasters, and when a gig comes open, you must bid on it.  Users wanting to book entertainment then choose from submitted bids, or don’t choose anyone.

If you live in a very small town or an area with a small market, paying to be on Gigmasters might not work for you.  Or if your area has a ton of competition, I can see it not working out as well.

– Sign up with any local entertainment companies and event planners in your area.  I’m signed up with a local entertainment company here in San Antonio and I get maybe 3 or 4 events a year through them.

Speaking of events, don’t rule out weddings!  You would be surprised how many people are interested in having a Tarot reader at the wedding reception.  A Tarot reader is also popular at bacherlorette parties.

halloween wedding

A surprisingly good place to read Tarot for money is at wedding receptions.

– Push the group rates for readings idea among friends and family.  If a few friends get together for girls’ night out, they can hire you to read for all of them for less than it would cost individually.  And what’s good for you, is that you know you will make a set amount of money ahead of time.

– If you’re into it, visit with corporate HR departments because believe it or not, corporate event planners will hire Tarot readers.  I did an event for Dell Computer a year or so ago.

That one was interesting because many of the employees were from Asian countries where “fortune telling” , if you will, is part of the culture.  People were showing up in family groups at my booth and asking questions for as long as I would let them.  I had to politely move them along because other people were waiting.

– If you do psychic fairs or “holistic festivals” as they are now called in my neck of the woods, BE DIFFERENT.   I don’t do these events so I don’t have a lot of advice on how to do that.  But I will say that as an attendee, there are usually tons of readers at these events so you really need to stand out or have a following already.

-Here’s my idea that I haven’t tried but could work, get a booth at a wedding fair to advertise your services.  A quick, free, 3 card reading as a sample, hand out your card and you’re good to go.

What NOT to Do to Read Tarot for Money

-Do not pay to have your website or other advertisement for yourself “rank #1 on google”.

-Do not read for online “psychic reader” websites (you know who I’m talking about) unless you like desperate people.  These sites are a magnet for people wanting quick answers and who don’t want to take responsibility for their own lives and decisions.

Of course the decision is yours, but I toyed around with these sites and did not enjoy the experience one bit.

I even read for a reputable call in service but left after a few weeks because I couldn’t hang with the randomness of people calling in for 10 minutes and then calling back 45 minutes or 3 days later.

It wasn’t satisfying for me because I rarely felt like I was able to get to the bottom of why they called in the first place.  Either there wasn’t enough time.  Or, like I mentioned earlier, the party calling wanted to blame another person or life in general for their circumstances and kept asking why, why, why…

-Free readings?  Yes or No? I think you need to give free readings sparingly and with a specific objective in mind.  See my idea above for the wedding fair.  Giving free readings can cause you to be trapped in the land of free readings forever.

But on the other hand, they might enable you to build confidence enough to charge later.

What are your thoughts and experiences.

Tell me in the comments below.



Summer Solstice 2014

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abbie hoffman

the young man at Pam’s Cafe reminded me of Abbie Hoffman

Welcome to 
the hop!
back one
forward one

To the young man at Pam’s Cafe –

Thank you for letting me sit in the ease of your confidence

and the relaxation of your youth

summer’s fruit hanging low and sweet

ripe for the taking

blue eyes connecting Rome and beyond

you must have felt my soul jump — the stretching of a candle flame

as you paused at the door

pushing one last wave of acceptance for what is

spreading seeds of what could be

solstice blur

sketch based on the art of puinum

What brings me joy is slowing down the wheel of time that spins faster and faster.

Being in the presence of the young man at Pam’s Cafe slowed the wheel for that brief moment.

I enjoy spending time with my 12 year old son—

his humor and perspective slow the wheel.

Dogs are notorious for putting the brakes on the wheels of time.


In the heat of summer

the height of growth and expansion

what brings me joy is the act of stopping

being grateful for what is

and pausing for what is possible

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Welcome to the Hop!

one link back to: Bettina for Ardor Fawkes

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the trees
they reach their silver arms up to the sky
hoping for a glimpse of sun
yet the sky
cold grey
offers no solace
their roots are buried in frost
we crave light, they cry
the sun cracks the sky like an egg
sunlight spills across the joyous trees
melting into every leaf
new life blooms

-Lady Lissar

Winter Solstice

winter solstice

winter solstice is when the sun appears to “stand still” in its movement across the sky. photo courtesy of NASA

Here we are, once again, at the shortest day of the year, and the longest night of the year.

In the dark of winter, we review the previous year and wait for the returning of the light, the return of the Sun King.

Venus Retrograde

This year, not only do we have the sun appearing to stand still, but Venus stationing (standing still) on the very same day, Dec 21, 2013.

Venus will station and then retrograde (move backward) for 40 days in the sign of Capricorn.

empress reversedThe Tarot card that has an affinity with Venus is The Empress.

With Venus turning retrograde, this is similar to the Empress reversed.

This Yule season, we have a double duty to turn inward, reassess, and review.

For the next 40 days, sit down and have a chat with your inner mother.  Review any negative comments she has for you, give yourself a break, and practice radical self care.

Re-evaluate your relationships and withdraw if you need to.  Yes, it’s the holiday season, but they (whoever they are) will get over it.

Revisit family traditions, or the lack thereof, and plan for new structures to support you throughout 2014.

The Empress is not necessarily the bright, shining and open woman we are used to seeing.  She’s a bit colder, a bit distant, and not so responsive.  And that’s okay.  She is practicing radical self care and asks the same of you.

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Fall Equinox

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Plato described a self-eating, circular being as the first living thing in the universe—an immortal, mythological constructed entity.

Hop Directions:

Alison sits before me

Joanna sits after me



The pencil-thin gray snake draped across my right shoulder.

I can see it’s small rattle.

What do I do?  Will it bite me?

I reach up and carefully remove the snake.

It raises up,

and bites,

it’s tail.

demeter and virgo

The Goddess Demeter holding wheat and snakes.

The ground opened up and swallowed Persephone, daughter of Demeter.

Demeter, in charge of the fertility of the earth and the well being of all, beset an eternal winter upon the earth.

Zeus was forced to intervene and sent Hermes to rescue Persephone.  Which he did.

A deal was struck and Persephone was allowed to live part of the year with her mother, and part of the time with her husband, Hades.

The fall begins now, Persephone is gathering her things for her trip back to Hades

the justice tarot cardMy mind’s eye watches as I slowly pack my things.

I will leave a lot behind when I go,

burning in the eternal fires of Scorpio’s transformation.

But it’s not time for that just yet.

Right now the Justice to be served is to myself.

What will it take to be true to myself?

What does it take for you to be true to yourself?

Stop saying yes when you mean no.

Stop saying you will when you won’t.

Stop saying you do when you don’t.

The scales can’t balance when you’re not in the picture.

It was one of those days when it’s a minute away from snowing…


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How to Learn Tarot Tracy Jordan Style

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tower card and tracy jordan

In order to learn tarot you will need to silence the censor.

On the lovely TV series 30 Rock, character Tracy Jordan is a loose cannon to say the least. In one episode he discovers that he can cuss a blue streak on TV simply by paying fines for the offense.

When advertisers drop their ads, he simply buys the ad space. Problem solved.

Silence the Censor

In order to learn Tarot you will need to learn to silence the censors as well.

The censor is the one who says, “Are you sure you’re right?”.

“Now that’s just silly.  That can’t be true.”

“She asked about her boyfriend, why are you talking about work?”

The best way to get past the censor is to talk and keep talking.  Don’t give the censor a chance to get a word in edgewise.

I’m not telling you to read like some crazy person spouting a stream of consciousness. You can polish your delivery style later.

What we’re after here is practicing getting around the censor.

So let the diarrhea mouth begin.

How to Learn Tarot Exercise

We shall call this exercise the Tracy Jordan, or ignore the censor.  You can do this exercise solo, but it’s better to actually read for someone so you can get feedback.

  1. Lay out 1-5 cards, whatever number for you is comfortable but not overwhelming. The cards can be in relation to a question or not.

  2. Get out a recording device.

  3. Set a timer for 3 minutes.

  4. Start talking and don’t stop until the timer goes off.

  5. Say whatever comes into your mind.

  6. Don’t worry about making sense.

Don’t worry about jumping around.

Just talk.

If personal memories are sparked, speak about them.

If a card reminds you of someone, talk about them.

If a card reminds you of a place, speak about it.

What did you learn?

This is where reading for someone is very valuable.  They can let you know which parts of what you said landed and which didn’t.  You might be surprised by the feedback.

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Tarot Card Spread

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tarot card spread handfasting

The Feast of Lammas is associated with Handfasting.

Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop for Lammas!

Perhaps you came from Chloe’s Celtic Lenormand Oracle

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Tarot Card Spread Lammas

Lammas is a feast day, associated with the height of summer’s fertility.  It marks the center point of the sun’s journey through Leo.

Along  with feasts, Lammas is associated with handfasting.  Handfasting has Celtic and Norse roots, and is part of the modern marriage ceremony.  When we say “tie the knot” we are referring to handfasting.

In honor of Lammas, and handfasting, I created the spread you see at the top of this post.

You can download the spread instructions and the spread graphic.

Laying Out the Spread

First, intend a question for this reading.

Obviously, the spread lends itself to relationship readings.  However, if you are about to embark on a new venture, this spread is appropriate as well.  Or you could also use it to take a peek at what your inner masculine and feminine are up to.

The spread consists of 5 cards.  Lay them out in any order you like, but I prefer top to bottom, left to right.-

Card 1 – Venus – yin energy - This is yourself if you are a woman.  What are you open to creating?  What values are you upholding or reflecting?

Card 2 – Mars – yang energy - This is yourself if you are a man.  What goal are you setting or pursuing?  What external actions are you taking?  What lights your fire?

Card 3 – Neptune – Divine union - This is the union of yin and yang.  What is being created through this Divine union?  How is it connecting you, or the both of you, to all that is, the endless sea of love and creativity?

Card 4 – The Moon - What from the past can be brought forward into this new relationship or venture?  What is fear based and needs to be released?

Card 5 – Jupiter - How can you expand and grow into this relationship or venture?  Where or how can you be optimistic?  What are the opportunities?

Enjoy!  And blessed Lammas to you.

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Tarot Card Reversals

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tarot card reversals

Tarot card reversals are a bump in the road, an unexpected twist in the story.

Tarot card reversals can be quite perplexing at times.  Especially if there are a lot in one reading.  If the reversals are throwing you, it’s perfectly okay to ignore them.  Trust me, it won’t invalidate or “ruin” the reading.

If you choose not to ignore reversals, here’s some help to navigate them.

Jude Law in Alfie

As Alfie speaks to Lonette, he hears a baby cry.  He asks Lonette if she and Marlon had a baby.  She says no.  He realizes the baby is his. (From the movie Alfie, with Jude Law)



Tarot card reversals are a bump in the road, an unexpected twist in the story.

Alfie was expecting to get some emotional support from his old friends who had moved away.  What he got was the realization he had a son with Lonette and they had been hiding it from him.

Sometimes you think you got it in the bag, but it doesn’t turn out that way.

Sometimes you think all hope is lost and a miracle happens.

These are all reversals from the way things appeared to be going.

Reversed cards in a reading can work the same way.  The other cards appear to tell a story heading one way, but bump, reversed card, maybe things aren’t quite as they seem.

 Guidelines to Tarot Card Reversals

Reversed cards can indicate how the querent feels about the situation they are asking about.  Reversed cards can be a counter flow of energy that isn’t readily seen by others.

I once read for a woman whose mother had recently become disabled.  Her day to day life was no longer possible without help from others.  The woman thought her mother was okay with the situation, but I could see via reversed cards that her mother was despondent.  She put on the face of I’m okay with this, but underneath she was grasping for hope.

Here are a few keyword type guidelines to reversals for you to explore when they come up:

  • latent energy, energy that isn’t being used
  • a seed beneath the surface that is just about to break through
  • internalized feelings or perspectives

Reversed Cards as Exclamation Points

Another way to look at reversals is in terms of a spectrum of expression of the card.  Every card has a polarity of expression, positive and negative if you will.  And of course there are all the greys in between.  A reversed card could indicate energy at one of the polarity points.

For example, the 10 of swords is about endings.  Something, a relationship, a thought process, a job, a struggle, has come to an end.

Now the end can be a joyful completion or a big fat surprise that is perceived as a betrayal or a tragic loss.

In between the 2 poles we have:

  • it’s over but…
  • it’s over and I’m afraid to move forward
  • it’s over and I can’t see what’s next
  • it’s over and I am moving forward and it hurts
  • it’s over and I’m having a hard time believing it’s over, is it really over?

I hope I’m not causing more confusion here.  I’m not talking about the circumstances, I’m describing (or attempting to describe) the reaction to the circumstances.

The10 of swords reversed could mean, “Whew!  I”m glad that’s over!”

The card describes an ending but the reaction is overwhelmingly positive.  It’s a big exclamation point.

As with all other aspects of Tarot, reversed cards are something you will need to explore and develop yourself.  There is not one pat answer for what reversed tarot cards mean.  Next time you come across reversed cards, try out some scenarios and see what sticks.

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