Cancer New Moon Ritual

Cancer New Moon Ritual: make an astrological talisman

For this Cancer New Moon ritual, we will make an astrological talisman for the moon.  This instructions pull heavily from Mansions of the Moon: a lunar zodiac for astrology and magic by Christopher Warnock.

new moon in cancerStep 1 pick a date:

Pick a day when the moon is waxing (between the new and full moons).  In this case, for the Cancer new Moon of 2017, the moon is waxing from June 23 -July 7.

You can add an extra layer of ritual significance if you do it on the day of the Moon, or Monday.  In this case the 2 available dates are Monday, June 26 and Monday, July 3rd.

For Advanced Users:

Performing the ritual on the day of the Moon and the hour of the moon adds yet another layer of astrological significance.  Use this planetary hours calculator to calculate the hour of the moon for your location.

You can also elect a time by placing the moon on the ascendant or the midheaven.  Make sure the moon is not combust (within 8.5 degrees of the sun) and applying to a conjunction, square, or opposition with Mars or Saturn.

To do this ritual successfully, it is not necessary to follow the advanced user instructions.  Just perform the ritual and note the results!


magic square for the moon
Use this magic square for your new moon ritual.

Silver or white candles – 4,7, or 9.  These are all numbers of the moon.

Incense – moon related.

Black and white image of the moon – this is your talisman

Tarot cards (optional) – The Chariot, The Moon, and The Hermit could all be used in this ritual.


  1. Perform any necessary clearing and/or protection rituals.
  2. Light candles and incense
  3. Color your image
  4. Write goals across the image
  5. Draw the magic square for the moon on the back
  6. Wave the talisman through the incense
  7. Meditate for a few minutes or recite the orphic hymn for the moon
  8. Store your talisman in a dark place

Watch and see what happens in the next few weeks as the moon works to manifest your request!