Summer Solstice 2014

abbie hoffman
the young man at Pam’s Cafe reminded me of Abbie Hoffman
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To the young man at Pam’s Cafe –

Thank you for letting me sit in the ease of your confidence

and the relaxation of your youth

summer’s fruit hanging low and sweet

ripe for the taking

blue eyes connecting Rome and beyond

you must have felt my soul jump — the stretching of a candle flame

as you paused at the door

pushing one last wave of acceptance for what is

spreading seeds of what could be

solstice blur
sketch based on the art of puinum

What brings me joy is slowing down the wheel of time that spins faster and faster.

Being in the presence of the young man at Pam’s Cafe slowed the wheel for that brief moment.

I enjoy spending time with my 12 year old son—

his humor and perspective slow the wheel.

Dogs are notorious for putting the brakes on the wheels of time.


In the heat of summer

the height of growth and expansion

what brings me joy is the act of stopping

being grateful for what is

and pausing for what is possible

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10 thoughts on “Summer Solstice 2014

  1. This is a lovely poem! I want to take my kids out for some sort of Litha fun, but am, myself, currently “pausing for what is possible” (I have no idea what to do!!)

  2. Gratitude, joy, and being present, what more could I ask of a “stop” on this hop? Loved your artwork, too, now off to google puinum… 🙂

  3. Ah, you’ve captured those long moments when time slows or, when we’re in love, stops completely. Remembering the eyes of that sort of encounter myself. Very nice flow and rhythm to your verses, and great images, like memories.

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