Tarot Spreads – Coffee Reading

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Tarot spreads – the coffee reading

I like fun Tarot spreads.  Here’s one I put together on the fly, called the coffee reading.  Lay out one card for each letter and read accordingly.  I personally like to have a question to work with for any reading, but I think this could work as general spread as well.

You can download the spread here, or right click the image and save.

Try it and let me know what you think in the comments.

Tarot Spreads – the COFFEE reading example

Howdy, howdy, it’s Cassandra.  And this morning, December 7th, 2012, I’m doing a reading, a coffee reading!

I made this up myself, the coffee reading.  You know how coffee gets you jazzed up and ready to go in the morning?  Well, this reading is about what gets you jazzed up and ready to go in your life.

There is a link above so you can download and try it for yourself.

For this reading I’m doing it about a personal question.  Because actually, that’s a little easier than doing these general readings that are supposed to apply to everyone, which I totally believe in.  But I’m going to do this about a personal question, and my personal question is about my building a business around astrology and tarot readings.

Card number one, which is C, caffeine, what will get me jazzed up and ready to go?  That’s the 9 of pentacles which is the wealth card, the affluence card.  Since it’s reversed, I get a sense of inner wealth, inner affluence, will get me jazzed up around my business.  So yeah, outer would be great, but I think if I really feel it on the inside, if I really feel like I have something to offer, I have resources, then I’ll be jazzed up.

Next card, is the O, obvious, what is the most obvious component of the situation?  Which happens to be the 9 of wands, so that happens to be it’s obvious that I have to keep going to get there.  Can’t stop now.  Gotta keep going.

The next card is the F, faith, where do I need a little faith?  And that is the 2 of wands reversed.  The 2 of wands has to do with leadership and boldness, and things like that, so I was looking at the world, the world between the chopsticks.  It reminds me of a compass, and since this card is reversed, I think it’s about trusting in my inner compass, that I’ll know which way to go and which actions to take, and I just need to have faith in my inner compass.

The next F, finally.  Where am I finally able to move forward or what can I move forward on?  That is the 3 of cups, and if you can’t tell, that’s 3 girls in a bathroom throwing up into a urinal.  Pretty funny.  That’s the Darkana Tarot for you, very funny.  Okay so that’s friendships, relationships, and since I’m talking about business, joint ventures.  So I think this has to do with community also.  I’ve built enough community around Astrology and Tarot Readings that I am able to share with people and there’s somebody to share with.  It’s not nobody, there’s a few of you out there, so we can share and celebrate together.

Next card is the E, effort, in what realm will my efforts be rewarded?  That’s the Star, and so, you know, the brighter I let my light shine, the more my efforts will be rewarded.  Be the star.

And then the last E is evacuate, what realm or effort do I need to evacuate?  And that is Temperance reversed.  So Temperance is about balance and mixing in the right proportions and finding the right combinations and not going too far one way, or that way, or being too extreme and it’s reversed.  So I think I need to ya know give up finding the “right way” to make this work and I think there has been some messages about boldness.

See here this is a message about boldness, the 2 of wands, the Star in this deck has a boldness quality to it, even the 9 of wands is a bit bold in that if that guy lets go now, he’s going straight down, so he needs the strength and boldness to hold on, so yeah, now is not the time for Temperance, now is the time for bold action and to keep going.  I think is what this is about.

And ooh, community happening, that’s awesome.  So that’s the COFFEE reading for today.  I hope you like it.

Let me know in the comments what other kinds of Tarot spreads you’d like to see.



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  1. Hey – I like the COFFEE layout you came up with! Pretty unique and easy to do. I would try it for myself but I don’t have any cards yet…. I’ll get there! 🙂 Have a great day.

  2. I’m glad you liked it. Let me know if there’s a spread about anything in particular you’d like to see. I’ll see if I can craft one.

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