Weekly Tarot Reading March 6-12 2017

venus retrograde
As we approach equal day and equal night and Venus turns retrograde, we are called to weigh in on relationships of all kinds.

Your Weekly Fortune Cookie for the First Week of March 2017

This shift is coming as Venus and Mars start to separate and we approach the equinox (day and night of equal length).  Time to weigh things out as we finish up the first quarter of the year.

Venus retrograde in Aries March 4 – April 15 2017

Venus in Aries is a bit feisty as she turns retrograde on March 4. This is symbolized by our jumper card, the 5 of wands.  Venus in Aries is feisty in general, but as she turns retrograde, she will be examining fairness and worth in relationships, friendships, and collaborations.

If a relationship of any kind is out of balance, expect to be notified or to be the one giving notice!

Full Moon in Virgo March 12, 2017

The full moon at 22 degrees Virgo could bring fruition to your hard work and attention to detail.  Where have you been accepting nothing less than perfection?  This is perhaps where you will see the payoff.

Mars moves into Taurus March 9 – April 21 2017

We’ve been lit up with fire sign volatility and mutable movement for the past several weeks.  With Mars in Taurus we will be able to have grounded activity and perhaps a bit more pleasure symbolized by the Ace of cups.  Mars in Taurus is very appropriate for doing yard work and planting your garden.