How to Read Tarot for Money

show-me-the-moneyI made $800 in October reading Tarot cards at parties.

Before you freak out and quit your job to become a full time Tarot reader, keep in mind that October is one of the busiest months for readers.



And really from now until January 1 is the busiest season for party readings.  The rest of the year, from my experience, it’s pretty dead.

Am I a Full Time Reader?

No, I am not a full time Tarot reader, and to be honest, I really don’t want to be.  I do from time to time do private Tarot or Astrology readings.  Mostly I read at parties, which I like to call group rates for readings.

My favorite part about reading at parties is that I get invited to way cool parties and get to meet lots of interesting people.

How to Read Tarot for Money Tips

Here are some tips for getting gigs reading Tarot at parties:

– Use Gigmasters.  I joined several online booking sites and Gigmasters is the only one that ever sends me leads.

You have to pay to participate on Gigmasters, and when a gig comes open, you must bid on it.  Users wanting to book entertainment then choose from submitted bids, or don’t choose anyone.

If you live in a very small town or an area with a small market, paying to be on Gigmasters might not work for you.  Or if your area has a ton of competition, I can see it not working out as well.

– Sign up with any local entertainment companies and event planners in your area.  I’m signed up with a local entertainment company here in San Antonio and I get maybe 3 or 4 events a year through them.

Speaking of events, don’t rule out weddings!  You would be surprised how many people are interested in having a Tarot reader at the wedding reception.  A Tarot reader is also popular at bacherlorette parties.

halloween wedding
A surprisingly good place to read Tarot for money is at wedding receptions.

– Push the group rates for readings idea among friends and family.  If a few friends get together for girls’ night out, they can hire you to read for all of them for less than it would cost individually.  And what’s good for you, is that you know you will make a set amount of money ahead of time.

– If you’re into it, visit with corporate HR departments because believe it or not, corporate event planners will hire Tarot readers.  I did an event for Dell Computer a year or so ago.

That one was interesting because many of the employees were from Asian countries where “fortune telling” , if you will, is part of the culture.  People were showing up in family groups at my booth and asking questions for as long as I would let them.  I had to politely move them along because other people were waiting.

– If you do psychic fairs or “holistic festivals” as they are now called in my neck of the woods, BE DIFFERENT.   I don’t do these events so I don’t have a lot of advice on how to do that.  But I will say that as an attendee, there are usually tons of readers at these events so you really need to stand out or have a following already.

-Here’s my idea that I haven’t tried but could work, get a booth at a wedding fair to advertise your services.  A quick, free, 3 card reading as a sample, hand out your card and you’re good to go.

What NOT to Do to Read Tarot for Money

-Do not pay to have your website or other advertisement for yourself “rank #1 on google”.

-Do not read for online “psychic reader” websites (you know who I’m talking about) unless you like desperate people.  These sites are a magnet for people wanting quick answers and who don’t want to take responsibility for their own lives and decisions.

Of course the decision is yours, but I toyed around with these sites and did not enjoy the experience one bit.

I even read for a reputable call in service but left after a few weeks because I couldn’t hang with the randomness of people calling in for 10 minutes and then calling back 45 minutes or 3 days later.

It wasn’t satisfying for me because I rarely felt like I was able to get to the bottom of why they called in the first place.  Either there wasn’t enough time.  Or, like I mentioned earlier, the party calling wanted to blame another person or life in general for their circumstances and kept asking why, why, why…

-Free readings?  Yes or No? I think you need to give free readings sparingly and with a specific objective in mind.  See my idea above for the wedding fair.  Giving free readings can cause you to be trapped in the land of free readings forever.

But on the other hand, they might enable you to build confidence enough to charge later.

What are your thoughts and experiences.

Tell me in the comments below.





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  1. You have your head on your shouders. and your tips are very sensible. Thank you for your post. Best advice and suggestions I’ve seen to date, since I’ve started to read for money!

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