The Best Astrology Podcasts and The Best Tarot Podcasts

astrology podcast
Anne Ortlee’s weekly weather. One of my favorite astrology podcasts!

Are you a podcast junkie?

I sure am.

Finding quality astrology podcasts and quality tarot podcasts can be a challenge.

Searching iTunes is hit and miss, and what’s more, what you find may not be current.

So here’s a list of my favorite astrology podcasts and tarot podcasts.  At the time of this writing, they are all current and being updated on at least a semi regular basis.

Astrology Podcasts

Anne Ortlees Weekly Weather – From her bright red desk in NYC Anne Ortlee gives the weekly forecast.  Anne is great at telling stories to illustrate planetary energies, and she has a very good handle on the outer planet energies ebbing and flowing across time.  Have a listen, I think you’ll enjoy it.  Also, the show is about 1/2 hour, so it’s not overwhelming.

The Astrology Podcast – The Astrology podcast by Chris Brennan has to be the most comprehensive podcast on Astrology, EVER. From Hellenistic astrology to modern astrology, to monthly forecasts with Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock, and interviews with scores of world class astrologers, this podcast covers a huge range of topics highly relevant to the astrological community.  As well Chris brings up and tackles issues around prediction, skepticism, religious objections, and more in this highly relevant podcast.

The Dancing Tarot Podcast – This is my podcast and it started out as a Tarot only podcast but has morphed into a weekly astro-tarot forecast. Check it out.  And I’d love to answer your questions here on the podcast so please hit contact me and ask your question about astrology, Tarot or any of the intuitive arts.

The Exploring Astrology Podcast – The Exploring Astrology Podcast with Adam Sommer is a trip through the mystical passages of the Universe.  Adam has a unique perspective on astrology and I love it when he plays tricks on his guests!  Adam gets some big names as well as some of the beaten path but interesting fold on his podcast.

This Week in AstrologyBenjamin is a Virgo and wouldn’t you know it from his podcast!  He gives a detailed, weekly forecast each and every week without fail.  On the show he also answers listener questions, illustrates current aspects through a listener chart, gives away free consultations to listeners, and has interviews with other astrologers.  This podcast is a wealth of information, all for free!

Planet Waves FM – Eric Francis has created his own special blend of journalistic astrology combining current events and the astrological weather.  Fun stuff.  Eric fully exercises his right to free speech. So if you’re stuck in the Leave It to Beaver mindset, you might want to skip this one.

Rune Soup Podcast – The Rune Soup Podcast with Gordon White is a survey of magic, the occult, occult arts (including Tarot and Astrology), philosophy and politics. Every time I listen, I hear something I never heard of and want to know more about it!  I wish I was 1/2 as eloquent as Gordon. Give it a listen.

Tarot Podcasts

You might notice this section is a bit thin.  If you have any Tarot podcasts that you would like me to add, please use the contact form or add in the comments.

The Archetypal Tarot Podcast –  If the Major Arcana has you baffled, this is the podcast for you.  The 2 hosts use archetypal language to illustrate the major arcana of the Tarot.  They also give examples from movies and pop culture that make it oh so easy to see what the card is about.

Tarot Tribe – Beyond Worlds – The Ladies chat Tarot!  This is a whiz bang of a Tarot chat show.  It includes group discussions, special guests, tutorials, as well as news and events.  It’s the best all around Tarot podcast out there.

The Dancing Tarot Podcast – My podcast once again.  I talk Tarot and Astrology.  If you have questions about either or any of the intuitive arts, please contact me. I’d love to do a show around your question.

What have a missed?  Drop me a line via the contact form or post your favorites in the comments below.