Fall Equinox

Plato described a self-eating, circular being as the first living thing in the universe—an immortal, mythological constructed entity.

Hop Directions:

Alison sits before me

Joanna sits after me



The pencil-thin gray snake draped across my right shoulder.

I can see it’s small rattle.

What do I do?  Will it bite me?

I reach up and carefully remove the snake.

It raises up,

and bites,

it’s tail.

demeter and virgo
The Goddess Demeter holding wheat and snakes.

The ground opened up and swallowed Persephone, daughter of Demeter.

Demeter, in charge of the fertility of the earth and the well being of all, beset an eternal winter upon the earth.

Zeus was forced to intervene and sent Hermes to rescue Persephone.  Which he did.

A deal was struck and Persephone was allowed to live part of the year with her mother, and part of the time with her husband, Hades.

The fall begins now, Persephone is gathering her things for her trip back to Hades

the justice tarot cardMy mind’s eye watches as I slowly pack my things.

I will leave a lot behind when I go,

burning in the eternal fires of Scorpio’s transformation.

But it’s not time for that just yet.

Right now the Justice to be served is to myself.

What will it take to be true to myself?

What does it take for you to be true to yourself?

Stop saying yes when you mean no.

Stop saying you will when you won’t.

Stop saying you do when you don’t.

The scales can’t balance when you’re not in the picture.

It was one of those days when it’s a minute away from snowing…


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16 thoughts on “Fall Equinox

  1. Good post – saying ‘No’ became so much easier the older I got, and boy do I love being older! The scene from American Beauty has to be one of the greatest cinematography experiences ever.

  2. Left alot for me to think about. I have been writing in my blog repeatedly about being true to myself and I feel so strongly about it. Your post was a great reminder to me to never say yes when I do mean no.

  3. Thanks for reminding about that scene in ‘American Beauty’ – it’s wonderful. And thanks too for the reminder to say ‘no’ when that’s what I really mean!

  4. I think the greatest liberation comes when we stop trying to go against our own “grain.” When we can simply understand ourselves, and accept our natures. We can forgive ourselves, and hopefully others will take us as we are, not how they expect us to be. It’s a great gift to give to truly be who you are, honestly and openly and humbly! Nice post!

  5. It was one of those days when it’s a minute away from snowing… SUCH a powerful video clip! Perfect addition to snakebit 1st steps packing into a new season. Thanks much for this!

  6. Loving it all the way from snake to saying no. 🙂 Well expressed and an excellent reminder for my Piscean, please-everyone-else personality. I am familiar with Persephone’s tale, but not with Plato’s take on the origins of the world in a circle. He was right, actually.

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