Weekly Tarot Readings

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These weekly Tarot readings using astrology and Tarot are a quick 10 minute readings that apply to the world at large. Since the natural world is composed of fractals, what applies to the whole applies to the parts as well. Which means, don’t be surprised though if a special message shows up just for you!

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Weekly Tarot Readings January 2017

Week of January 1-7 – open your heart to new beginnings…

Week of January 8-14 – new feelings on the inside lead to changes on the outside…

Week of January 15-21 – not exactly smooth…

Week of January 22-29 – the sun breaks through the clouds…

Week of January 29-February 4

Weekly Tarot Readings February 2017

Week of February 5 – 11 – How about that lunar eclipse in Leo/Aquarius?

Week of February 12 – 18 – go with the flow, listen and receive…

Week of February 19-25 – the new you is rising with the sap of the spring

Week of February 26 – March 4 – A week of big endings and small beginnings

Weekly Tarot Readings March 2017

Week of March 6 -12 – Time to re-evaluate relationships and ask yourself if it’s worth it

Week of March 12-18 – Full moon in Virgo

Week of March 19 -25 – Mercury talks to Pluto, Uranus and Virgo, scary stuff?

Week of March 26 – April 1 – Aries New Moon and Venus as Morning Star

Weekly Tarot Readings April 2017

April 2 -8 – Venus Square Saturn the saga continues

April 9-15 – Get ready for the harvest! The payoff is coming if you can keep your head straight and and your efforts consistent.

Weekly Tarot Readings November 2017

November 26- Dec 2 – Are you ready for stellar news? Psychic reading for November.

Weekly Tarot Readings December 2017

December 17 – 23 – wrapping up 2017