Mars opposite Saturn [Video]

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This week we have a fun and flirty new moon in Gemini on Thursday, May 25.  However, your fun Gemini new moon party might be spoiled by an aspect building in the background… Mars opposite Saturn.  This is the Rumble in the Jungle — will you be the dope on the ropes or the victor?

New Moon in Gemini

The Sabian Symbol is a revolutionary magazine asking for action.  This new moon in Gemini is a bright, new beginning and a revolution in your life. Where in your life can you step out boldly and start something new?

Mars Opposite Saturn

Mars opposite Saturn can bring conflict and frustration with authority figures.  You may feel stymied or unable to act. You or others around you may be angry and frustrated.  With Saturn in Sagittarius it’s important that we ask ourselves whether or not our actions are serving the bigger vision of what we want and where we are going.

Are you fighting every battle that comes your way, or the strategic ones that will help you advance and win the war?

Mohammed Ali had a strategy in the famous match up with George Foreman in 1974 called Rumble in the Jungle. His strategy was to wear George foreman out by goading him into throwing punches and wearing himself out.

Are you the dope on the ropes or do you have the patience and timing to win?

Weekly Tarot Reading

gemini new moon
Bright new beginnings with the Gemini new moon.

Here is how the new moon in Gemini and Mars opposite Saturn might play out sign by sign:

Aries – the Empress and 8 of wands.  This is your abundance trigger.  It’s go time! Start moving toward what prosperity means to you.

Taurus – 6 of wands and 3 of wands.  Keep your vision in mind as your success builds.Victory is yours. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Gemini – Justice and the Wheel of Fortune.  The time for new beginnings is now.  What’s the right thing to do?

Cancer – the Fool and Queen of swords.  Enter this new period with the innocence and curiosity of a child but at the same time be crystal clear about what you want.

Leo – Ace of Wands and The Tower. These new beginnings may involve burning a few bridges or disrupting the tower of perspective that you have built for yourself.  I know you can do it, Leo.

Virgo – 4 of swords and Knight of swords.  With the north node in your sign for the last 18 months you may be feeling a little worn out.  Your new beginning involves a retreat and a review of your thoughts on things.

Libra – 5 of swords and Knight of Wands. What’s all the ruckus?  Pick your battles, Libra.  If it inspires you and matches your vision, then fight the good fight.  If not, let it go.

Scorpio – Chariot and 5 of pentacles.  In order to get where you want to go, you’ve got to let go. Let go of your fears about not having enough, not being enough, or getting shut out.  You have the power to make it through, Scorpio, embrace the change.

Sagittarius – Knight of Pentacles and 3 of Cups.  The path to riches for you, Sagittarius is through having fun with others.  If it’s not pleasurable, don’t do it!

Capricorn – Page of wands and 10 of cups. Your new beginnings involve a letting go.  Let go of something emotionally so your new beginnings can burn brightly.

Aquarius – 7 of wands and the Sun.  Aquarius you need to strike while the iron is hot and defend your position! Your strength of purpose will lead you toward your destiny.

Pisces – 7 of swords and Ace of cups.  Pisces I know you like to float around and bump into the next opportunity.  This strategy will not help you know.  You need to pick a destination and plan a route. Then when you open up your vast emotional capacity, you will end up in the right place instead of Dramaland, USA.

Sun in Gemini

Weekly Astrology and Tarot Forecast May 14-20 2017

With the Sun in Gemini, we’ve got lots to talk about!  Saturn trine Uranus is exact on the 19th, Mercury enters Taurus, and Venus leaves her shadow and opposes Jupiter.  Basically some shifting around of personnel and co-workers checking in with one another.

Sun in Gemini
Gemini as trickster by Brian Froud.

Sun in Gemini

The Sun enters Gemini on May 20th. The King (the Sun) has had plenty of time to mull over what is valuable to him with his time in Taurus. Mars has been in Gemini for about a month, fighting skirmishes , and lots of small battles. With the Sun in Gemini it’s time to discuss what’s been going on with our efforts and maybe get some sort of a plan together.

Gemini is the story teller, the reporter, the trickster.  Quick witted and articulate Gemini is entertaining, but don’t believe everything you hear or read.

The Sun in Gemini is youthful, vivacious, and in the know. What’s new and what’s the word are phrases to be heard during Sun in Gemini.

Along with natural curiosity, and changing interests, Gemini can be easily bored or distracted. Guard against being too ADD or easily distracted, or giving up on something too soon.

Sun in Gemini Tarot Reading

For the Tarot reading I pulled 3 cards: 10 of pentacles, 3 of wands and 8 of wands.

The 10 of pentacles talks about being in it for the long haul, making sure you are creating value that will stand the test of time and keep you well supported into the future.

The 3 of wands is asking you about your vision and the 8 is saying get ready to move quickly. On your marks, get set, go!

saturn trine uranus
Saturn trine Uranus – it’s so crazy, it just might work!

Saturn trine Uranus

Saturn trine Uranus has been in effect for several weeks and this Friday, the 19th it will be exact for the second time.  It was exact on Christmas Eve last year and will be exact again on November 11 this year.

There are several ways to interpret this aspect.  For this week, I’m going with “it’s so crazy it just might work”!

If you’ve been working on or considering a way out there idea, or working to break yourself out of jail, this might be the week it all comes together.  

Mercury enters Taurus

Mercury enters Taurus on Tuesday the 16th, pulling himself away from all the frenetic fire energy in late Aries. Perhaps discussions will be a bit more level-headed, but don’t be surprised if someone locks onto their viewpoint.

Venus opposite Jupiter

Venus opposes Jupiter and leaves her retrograde shadow on Friday the 19th.  I see this as Venus checking in with Jupiter saying:  are you taking care of everyone?  is everyone happy?  please be nice to my guests.  And if you have a party, please make sure everything is just as lovely as when I left it.

If you are one of the people triggered by the Jupiter Uranus opposition as I am, this is another ping of that energy.  Everything may be a little too much and a little too over the top yet again.

Sun Trine Pluto: The Fire of Change is Here!

Free Weekly Tarot and Astrology Reading May 7-13, 2017

This week hosts a full moon in Scorpio, Mercury still conjunct Uranus, and the nodal shift into Leo Aquarius.  In addition, 3 inner planets trine 3 outer planets with the outer planets being retrograde.  The Sun trine Pluto highlighting issues around power.  Mercury trine Saturn which can build foundations under some of the wild and genius insights coming through. Mars trine Jupiter helps us prioritize our efforts and might bring a few drops of good luck.

sun trine plutoSun Trine Pluto:

I think Sun trine Pluto is the key aspect for the week.  Although this aspect is somewhat regular, at this particular time, it is highlighting the smoldering power of Pluto supporting the manifesting power of the Sun in Taurus. With all the other aspects of the week great leaps forward are possible.

The cards for this aspect are: King of Swords, 6 of wands, page of pentacles.  Do you know what you are doing?  Are you an expert in your field?  The answer is a resounding yes! The more you can get behind this truth about yourself, the more opportunities brought by the 6 of wands and page of pentacles you will be able to embrace.

Full Moon in Scorpio

For the full moon I pulled : 8 of pentacles, 10 of cups, and the Judgement card. Fulfillment comes but not without hard work and practice.  Be sure to keep your integrity and don’t worry about what others think about you.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus

For this aspect the cards are: 3 of cups, 6 of cups, and 5 of swords.  Don’t let sudden interruptions by others spoil your fun with other people.  On the other hand, such a disruption could be a strong message that the people you are associating with are not worth your time.

Mercury Trine Saturn

For this aspect I pulled: 7 of swords, Temperance, and Ace of pentacles.  Change is here now!  Support for your creativity is here if you will only accept it.  Don’t be suspicious.  Say yes.

Mars Trine Jupiter

The Tarot cards for this aspect are: 5 of wands, the Empress, and Ace of Swords.  Change is not everything staying the same. This may seem obvious, but for you to accept the growth that is here for you now, you have to change your mind about what you see.





North Node in Leo Forecast for All Signs

Astro Tarot Forecast for the Week of April 30 – May 6, 2017

Mercury turns direct on May 3 and Venus is leaving the square with Saturn as she moves through Aries.  Things may calm down a bit??? I’m not so sure, but the stuck energy should start to lift.  The nodes move into Leo/Aquarius for the next 18 months bringing Leo expressiveness to the forefront and encouraging us all to be big, loud and proud and most of all be ourselves.

Mercury Direct May 3

Mercury turns direct but will still be conjunct Uranus for the next couple of weeks.  So surprising news, outbursts and reveals are still par for the course.  Keep open for ingenious and out of the blue ideas and insights coming through not the usual channels.

North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius

north node in Leo
This Alice in Wonderland Theme is freakin’ me out! She’s eating the cupcake which makes you bigger ie the north node.

The North Node moves into Leo late April or early May (depending on whether you use mean or true node) and will stay through late October of 2018.  It’s time to follow your heart and let your true self shine.  Self expression and loving life is top priority.

Look for your rising sign below to see how this nodal shift might affect you.

North Node in Leo for Leo and Aquarius

The polarity for you folks is between the 1st and 7th houses.

For Leo it’s time to let your light shine, do your own thing, be the king and be the leader.  Relationships that aren’t working may have to go.  Your Tarot card pull is Temperance, asking you to combine the materials you have before you in new and creative ways.

For Aquarius, relationships, partnerships and working with others takes center stage. Demanding things be your way is not the way to work the nodal energy.  Your Tarot card pull is the 8 of pentacles.  Practice your skills and improve your work with others.  You might even sign up for lessons of some sort.

North Node in Leo for Virgo and Pisces

For Virgo it’s time for you to retreat from center stage and to explore your lost self.  What childhood interests and hobbies can you explore at this time?  You might even take a retreat to a foreign place or spiritual center. Your Tarot card pull is Knight of Swords.  Time to explore and see what you can see.

For Pisces now is the time to work with your health, work, sleep and daily routines.  Put yourself first and do what feeds your fire and recharges your batteries.  Your Tarot card pull is the 9 of swords.  What needs to be cleaned up, cleared out and put in order is your thought patterns and processes.  Find out where the bug in the code is and clean it up.

North Node in Leo for Libra and Aries

For Libra it’s time for you to get with your people, build your network and take a leadership role in organizations. Unusual opportunities may come through your connections with other people of like mind. With the Ace of Wands as your Tarot Card pull, it’s important for you to initiate whatever inspires you.

For Aries it’s time to take some risks creative and otherwise.  Your Tarot card pull is the Moon.  If your efforts seem to produce inconsistent results, just go with the flow.  The moon has phases and cycles, and nothing is truly wasted effort.

North Node in Leo for Scorpio and Taurus

For Scorpio, the north node will be in your 10th house of career and reputation.  Perhaps you will have a boss who is a bit of a megalomaniac. Nevertheless, some unusual opportunities in terms of your career may be headed your way. Your Tarot card pull is the Hermit.  It’s important for you to gut check the opportunities that come your way.  If it feels like you are selling your soul to the devil, you probably are.

For Taurus, the north node will visit your 4th house of family, parents, home and the subconscious.  With the North Node here it’s important to have your foundation in order so the unusual gifts of the north node don’t upset the apple cart. Your Tarot card pull is the Hanged Man.  Let opportunities and inspiration come to you.  Chasing after something you want most likely will not be effective.

North Node in Leo for Sagittarius and Gemini

For Sag, the north node will be about the bigger picture for you.  What is your philosophy of life? What’s the big picture? How can you explore the horizons?  Your Tarot card pull is the World.  This is a prime opportunity to move past limitations and spin your life into a meaningful expression of yourself and who you truly are.

For Gemini the north node will be in your 3rd house of communications, neighborhood, siblings and daily travel and your skill set. Your Tarot card pull is the 3 of pentacles.  Working joyfully and creatively with others is the key to your success, perhaps in your neighborhood, or perhaps in an online community.

North Node in Leo for Capricorn and Cancer

For Capricorn the north node brings up the taboo subjects of death, taxes, debt, transformation, sex, and psychological issues.  Time to clean out the closets and transform your hang ups into something useful. Your Tarot card pull is the 2 of cups.  Let others love you and help you through this time of transformation.

For Cancer, the north node brings up what you value, your possessions, family assets and earned income. With the 3 of swords as your Tarot card pull, this is a great time to make lists of priorities, and delineate a plan of action which upholds these values.


Mars Enters Gemini

Mars in Gemini April 21 – May 5

mars in gemini
When Mars enters Gemini on April 21, you might be feeling a little like Arnold Schwarteneggar in Kindergarten Cop!

Mars enters Gemini on April 21.  This is a placement where Mars can become confused or distracted, not knowing which option to choose.  On the other hand it’s a good time to socialize and have great conversations. Check out your rising sign forecast below and watch the video for more insights.

Gemini  – it’s a me first time where you will work on yourself and how the world sees you.

Cancer –  Mars enters Gemini and  is a time to retreat – taking a spiritual retreat would be well supported now.  Perhaps you will explore past lives.

Leo – you will put extra energy into you alliances, groups and associations and hopes and dreams.

Virgo –  when Mars enters Gemini, the focus and effort for you in on your career and reputation.

Libra – putting efforts toward higher education or travel may move high on your priority list.

Scorpio – with Mars in the eight house, you may put effort into paying off debt. Not a bad pursuit.

Sagittarius – you will put extra energy into your relationships whether they are personal or business. Getting what you want will be important.  Your sex life may increase.

Capricorn – when Mars enters Gemini it’s a great time to start a diet or establish a new routine. As well you can vanquish enemies now.

Aquarius – time to have fun, put effort into self employment or taking risks for financial gain.  Also a time where you might become pregnant.

Pisces – you will be protecting your home and those who live there.

Aries – you may be running around like a chicken with your head cut off.  Lots of movement, here there and everywhere.

Taurus – your efforts will be toward your income and fighting for what you are worth or what you value.

Free Weekly Tarot Reading April 16 -22, 2017

Though you may be feeling alone and emotionally constipated (8 of cups and Moon reversed), now is the time to get out and connect with others (3 of cups).

Get together with people you enjoy doing things you enjoy just to do it.

At least for this week, stop trying to make every single minute of your day be productive and working toward future goals (Queen of swords reversed).

Creativity can appear when you let down your guard and do something out of the ordinary.

Full Moon in Libra and Mercury Retrograde

Free Weekly Tarot Reading for April 9-15 2017

This week starts off with a Full Moon in Libra and Mercury turning retrograde it Taurus. You should start seeing some rewards for your efforts but don’t let up on the gas.  Pay special attention to your thoughts and point of view as that is most likely what is holding you back.

Full Moon in Libra

full moon in libraWe have a full moon in Libra at 21 degrees. Hanging out with the Sun is Uranus at 24 degrees and hanging out with the moon we have Jupiter at 17/18 degrees.

The Sun and Uranus are calling for you to be the most you you can be and to move forward bravely and authentically. This is illustrated through the Strength card and The World card. We aren’t messing around here, you are creating your destiny!

The Moon and Jupiter are bringing forth signs of the harvest (7 of pentacles).  This week you may receive a small inkling or reward for all of your efforts. Keep adding stitches until you finish the piece.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus on April 9th. This one snuck up on me!

Mercury retrograde or any retrograde is about reviewing the past as the Creative Whack Pack pull underlined.

The Strength Card came up again highlighting the need to love yourself warts and all, while the 8 of pentacles encourages you to continue to perfect your craft.

Finally the 5 of pentacles lets us know that past performance is not an indicator of future performance. In other words, past failures do not indicate future failure. Keep vigilant and don’t let your mind play tricks on you.

This week’s deck is the Wild Unknown Tarot.

Venus Square Saturn

Free Weekly Tarot and Astrology: Venus square Saturn April 2-8, 2017

This week is a continuing saga between Venus and Saturn.  Late in January of this year Venus and Saturn had a conversation that didn’t go to well.  The rest of this month (April) is round two.


We talk about Venus as the Empress card in Tarot and relate the 3’s of each suit back to her.  The empress is about creativity and growth, and not necessarily organization and planning.  Think of your garden near the end of summer, after everything has grown wild for a couple of months or more.


We talk about the Emperor card and The World and how they relate to Saturn.  Taking action and providing structure, long term goals and planning these are the realms of the Emperor.  The World is about knowing our limitations and how to work within them.

Saturn’s pack is too heavy so he’s got to empty it out and leave some items with friends while he runs back to check on something along the road of Why.

Venus Square Saturn

Venus complains to Saturn that everything is too hard and she wants to enjoy life a little. Saturn is in a hurry to leave and find something he lost along his pilgrimage to the Why of Life.  But he does tell Venus that she’s got to do it on her own.

To be continued…