Cancer New Moon Ritual

Cancer New Moon Ritual: make an astrological talisman

For this Cancer New Moon ritual, we will make an astrological talisman for the moon.  This instructions pull heavily from Mansions of the Moon: a lunar zodiac for astrology and magic by Christopher Warnock.

new moon in cancerStep 1 pick a date:

Pick a day when the moon is waxing (between the new and full moons).  In this case, for the Cancer new Moon of 2017, the moon is waxing from June 23 -July 7.

You can add an extra layer of ritual significance if you do it on the day of the Moon, or Monday.  In this case the 2 available dates are Monday, June 26 and Monday, July 3rd.

For Advanced Users:

Performing the ritual on the day of the Moon and the hour of the moon adds yet another layer of astrological significance.  Use this planetary hours calculator to calculate the hour of the moon for your location.

You can also elect a time by placing the moon on the ascendant or the midheaven.  Make sure the moon is not combust (within 8.5 degrees of the sun) and applying to a conjunction, square, or opposition with Mars or Saturn.

To do this ritual successfully, it is not necessary to follow the advanced user instructions.  Just perform the ritual and note the results!


magic square for the moon
Use this magic square for your new moon ritual.

Silver or white candles – 4,7, or 9.  These are all numbers of the moon.

Incense – moon related.

Black and white image of the moon – this is your talisman

Tarot cards (optional) – The Chariot, The Moon, and The Hermit could all be used in this ritual.


  1. Perform any necessary clearing and/or protection rituals.
  2. Light candles and incense
  3. Color your image
  4. Write goals across the image
  5. Draw the magic square for the moon on the back
  6. Wave the talisman through the incense
  7. Meditate for a few minutes or recite the orphic hymn for the moon
  8. Store your talisman in a dark place

Watch and see what happens in the next few weeks as the moon works to manifest your request!


New Moon in Cancer Forecast

New Moon in Cancer Forecast

new moon in cancerThe new moon in Cancer brings new beginnings to your Cancer house.  I do a quick run down, sign by zodiac sign about what to expect and what you can grow under this Cancer new moon.

This Cancer new moon is a bit of a cancer sandwich in that we have Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars all in early degrees of Cancer, bringing lots of Cancer energy to the table.

All About Cancer

The zodiac sign of Cancer is associated with the home, the mother, and moon.  Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means it initiates action, so Cancer is not always the sensitive, wimpy sign that people make it out to be. Cancer works from the emotional gut, and loves to feel safe, secure and nurtured.

Cancer Personalities

For a hilarious and very informative look at Cancer personalities. Watch this video.



Summer Solstice 2017

Weekly Astrology and Tarot forecast for June 18-24

Summer Solstice 2017 is the highlight of the week along with a new moon in Cancer! Mercury is conjunct the sun on the solstice bringing messages about our future possibilities.  This week’s tarot reading focuses on how life is good for each of the zodiac signs.

What is Solstice?

summer solstice
The path of the sun including summer solstice and winter solstice points.

During summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, the sun is directly overhead at noon at 23.5% N Latitude (the tropic of Cancer). In essence, the sun is at it’s highest position for the solar year and rises and sets the furthest North. After the sun stands still against the backdrop of the stars for 3 days, it will begin to not only rise later every day, but further south.

The sun does not retrograde, but it does stand still for 3 days on the summer and winter solstices, marking its turn back toward shorter and longer days, respectively.

Tarot Cards associated with Summer Solstice

Sun – peak experiences, success, joy, health, vitality, celebration of life force

The Chariot – confidence, having a plan, moving towards a goal, overcoming fear and self doubt.  The Chariot is associated with Cancer through the Golden Dawn Tarot card meanings.  Interestingly the card seems to combine sun and moon imagery with the chariot (sun) and the horses (emotions good and bad) to achieve success.

Free Weekly Tarot Reading

This week’s reading focuses on how life is good for each of the zodiac signs:

Cancer: how do you make life good?
Leo: how do you get in your own way?
Virgo: how do your friends and network make life good?
Libra: how do you make life good through your legacy?
Scorpio: how do you make life good through your philosophy and vision of the future?
Sagittarius: How do you make life good through transformation, change and letting go?
Capricorn: How is life good through partnership?
Aquarius: How is life good in your day to day life?
Pisces: How is life good with your children and through fun, play and creative projects?
Aries: How is life good through home and family?
Taurus: How is life good in your neighborhood?
Gemini: How is life good through what you have and value?

Full Moon In Sagittarius [Video]

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 9, 2017

This week we have a full moon in Sagittarius the same day as Jupiter turns direct. Jupiter is back on track to expand the Libra part of your chart until October when it enters Scorpio. Mars enters Cancer on June 4th, Mercury enters Gemini on June 6th and Venus enters Taurus on the same day.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

The full moon has us check in with how our vision for 2017 is shaping up.  Are we missing any information?  Are we still inspired or do we need to change direction a bit?  Right after opposing the sun, the moon will conjoin Saturn giving us another reality check for the visions of our future.  Have we been doing the work necessary?  What kind of limits or boundaries would be helpful at this time?

Mars Enters Cancer

mars in cancer
Mars will have to cool his jets while in Cancer

Mars enters Cancer this week, the sign of its fall.  Mars will cool his jets in Cancer until July 21 when he can join the Sun in Leo and get back to work!  But for now, Mars will need to deal with his feelings and try to express them as much as possible. Dealing with your feelings is of primary importance now.  Don’t let things fester! Find a way to express your emotions.

Venus enters Taurus

Finally!  Venus has spent a looong time in Aries, the sign of her detriment due to her retrograde earlier this year.  Venus enters Taurus on June 6 and will luxuriate in her palace until early July.  Venus can help bring a little sweetness and pleasure to your life now, so be sure and ask for it!

Mercury enters Gemini

Mercury has also recently finished a retrograde from Taurus to Aries, and will enter his home sign of Gemini on June 6th. Get ready for information overload!  Now that Mercury in back in his home sign for a mere 2 weeks, he needs to catch up on everyone and everything that happened in his absence as well as make plans for the future as he races to catch up with the sun.  The fast pace of this year doesn’t promise to let up anytime soon.

Jupiter stations direct in Libra

Jupiter stations direct in Libra on June 9, the same day as the full moon.  This is the last third of the Jupiter cycle before it moves into Scorpio in October.  Lady luck is back in action so take advantage of Jupiter in Libra and settle up any lingering unresolved conflicts.

Weekly Tarot Reading

For the weekly Tarot reading, I pulled: 10 of cups, The Tower, The Devil, 8 of cups, and 9 of wands.  The question was how can we frame the next 6 months of 2017?

Managing emotions and going with the flow is important.  The end of the cycle is nearing but for now do the inner work necessary to release yourself from the attachments that are holding you back.  These attachments can be to thought patterns, people, or material things.  Where do you find yourself saying “I can’t because…” this is a good place to start and then deal with the emotions that get stirred up.

See you next week.

Mars opposite Saturn [Video]

Free Weekly Astrology and Tarot Reading: May 21-28 2017

This week we have a fun and flirty new moon in Gemini on Thursday, May 25.  However, your fun Gemini new moon party might be spoiled by an aspect building in the background… Mars opposite Saturn.  This is the Rumble in the Jungle — will you be the dope on the ropes or the victor?

New Moon in Gemini

The Sabian Symbol is a revolutionary magazine asking for action.  This new moon in Gemini is a bright, new beginning and a revolution in your life. Where in your life can you step out boldly and start something new?

Mars Opposite Saturn

Mars opposite Saturn can bring conflict and frustration with authority figures.  You may feel stymied or unable to act. You or others around you may be angry and frustrated.  With Saturn in Sagittarius it’s important that we ask ourselves whether or not our actions are serving the bigger vision of what we want and where we are going.

Are you fighting every battle that comes your way, or the strategic ones that will help you advance and win the war?

Mohammed Ali had a strategy in the famous match up with George Foreman in 1974 called Rumble in the Jungle. His strategy was to wear George foreman out by goading him into throwing punches and wearing himself out.

Are you the dope on the ropes or do you have the patience and timing to win?

Weekly Tarot Reading

gemini new moon
Bright new beginnings with the Gemini new moon.

Here is how the new moon in Gemini and Mars opposite Saturn might play out sign by sign:

Aries – the Empress and 8 of wands.  This is your abundance trigger.  It’s go time! Start moving toward what prosperity means to you.

Taurus – 6 of wands and 3 of wands.  Keep your vision in mind as your success builds.Victory is yours. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Gemini – Justice and the Wheel of Fortune.  The time for new beginnings is now.  What’s the right thing to do?

Cancer – the Fool and Queen of swords.  Enter this new period with the innocence and curiosity of a child but at the same time be crystal clear about what you want.

Leo – Ace of Wands and The Tower. These new beginnings may involve burning a few bridges or disrupting the tower of perspective that you have built for yourself.  I know you can do it, Leo.

Virgo – 4 of swords and Knight of swords.  With the north node in your sign for the last 18 months you may be feeling a little worn out.  Your new beginning involves a retreat and a review of your thoughts on things.

Libra – 5 of swords and Knight of Wands. What’s all the ruckus?  Pick your battles, Libra.  If it inspires you and matches your vision, then fight the good fight.  If not, let it go.

Scorpio – Chariot and 5 of pentacles.  In order to get where you want to go, you’ve got to let go. Let go of your fears about not having enough, not being enough, or getting shut out.  You have the power to make it through, Scorpio, embrace the change.

Sagittarius – Knight of Pentacles and 3 of Cups.  The path to riches for you, Sagittarius is through having fun with others.  If it’s not pleasurable, don’t do it!

Capricorn – Page of wands and 10 of cups. Your new beginnings involve a letting go.  Let go of something emotionally so your new beginnings can burn brightly.

Aquarius – 7 of wands and the Sun.  Aquarius you need to strike while the iron is hot and defend your position! Your strength of purpose will lead you toward your destiny.

Pisces – 7 of swords and Ace of cups.  Pisces I know you like to float around and bump into the next opportunity.  This strategy will not help you know.  You need to pick a destination and plan a route. Then when you open up your vast emotional capacity, you will end up in the right place instead of Dramaland, USA.

Sun in Gemini

Weekly Astrology and Tarot Forecast May 14-20 2017

With the Sun in Gemini, we’ve got lots to talk about!  Saturn trine Uranus is exact on the 19th, Mercury enters Taurus, and Venus leaves her shadow and opposes Jupiter.  Basically some shifting around of personnel and co-workers checking in with one another.

Sun in Gemini
Gemini as trickster by Brian Froud.

Sun in Gemini

The Sun enters Gemini on May 20th. The King (the Sun) has had plenty of time to mull over what is valuable to him with his time in Taurus. Mars has been in Gemini for about a month, fighting skirmishes , and lots of small battles. With the Sun in Gemini it’s time to discuss what’s been going on with our efforts and maybe get some sort of a plan together.

Gemini is the story teller, the reporter, the trickster.  Quick witted and articulate Gemini is entertaining, but don’t believe everything you hear or read.

The Sun in Gemini is youthful, vivacious, and in the know. What’s new and what’s the word are phrases to be heard during Sun in Gemini.

Along with natural curiosity, and changing interests, Gemini can be easily bored or distracted. Guard against being too ADD or easily distracted, or giving up on something too soon.

Sun in Gemini Tarot Reading

For the Tarot reading I pulled 3 cards: 10 of pentacles, 3 of wands and 8 of wands.

The 10 of pentacles talks about being in it for the long haul, making sure you are creating value that will stand the test of time and keep you well supported into the future.

The 3 of wands is asking you about your vision and the 8 is saying get ready to move quickly. On your marks, get set, go!

saturn trine uranus
Saturn trine Uranus – it’s so crazy, it just might work!

Saturn trine Uranus

Saturn trine Uranus has been in effect for several weeks and this Friday, the 19th it will be exact for the second time.  It was exact on Christmas Eve last year and will be exact again on November 11 this year.

There are several ways to interpret this aspect.  For this week, I’m going with “it’s so crazy it just might work”!

If you’ve been working on or considering a way out there idea, or working to break yourself out of jail, this might be the week it all comes together.  

Mercury enters Taurus

Mercury enters Taurus on Tuesday the 16th, pulling himself away from all the frenetic fire energy in late Aries. Perhaps discussions will be a bit more level-headed, but don’t be surprised if someone locks onto their viewpoint.

Venus opposite Jupiter

Venus opposes Jupiter and leaves her retrograde shadow on Friday the 19th.  I see this as Venus checking in with Jupiter saying:  are you taking care of everyone?  is everyone happy?  please be nice to my guests.  And if you have a party, please make sure everything is just as lovely as when I left it.

If you are one of the people triggered by the Jupiter Uranus opposition as I am, this is another ping of that energy.  Everything may be a little too much and a little too over the top yet again.

Sun Trine Pluto: The Fire of Change is Here!

Free Weekly Tarot and Astrology Reading May 7-13, 2017

This week hosts a full moon in Scorpio, Mercury still conjunct Uranus, and the nodal shift into Leo Aquarius.  In addition, 3 inner planets trine 3 outer planets with the outer planets being retrograde.  The Sun trine Pluto highlighting issues around power.  Mercury trine Saturn which can build foundations under some of the wild and genius insights coming through. Mars trine Jupiter helps us prioritize our efforts and might bring a few drops of good luck.

sun trine plutoSun Trine Pluto:

I think Sun trine Pluto is the key aspect for the week.  Although this aspect is somewhat regular, at this particular time, it is highlighting the smoldering power of Pluto supporting the manifesting power of the Sun in Taurus. With all the other aspects of the week great leaps forward are possible.

The cards for this aspect are: King of Swords, 6 of wands, page of pentacles.  Do you know what you are doing?  Are you an expert in your field?  The answer is a resounding yes! The more you can get behind this truth about yourself, the more opportunities brought by the 6 of wands and page of pentacles you will be able to embrace.

Full Moon in Scorpio

For the full moon I pulled : 8 of pentacles, 10 of cups, and the Judgement card. Fulfillment comes but not without hard work and practice.  Be sure to keep your integrity and don’t worry about what others think about you.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus

For this aspect the cards are: 3 of cups, 6 of cups, and 5 of swords.  Don’t let sudden interruptions by others spoil your fun with other people.  On the other hand, such a disruption could be a strong message that the people you are associating with are not worth your time.

Mercury Trine Saturn

For this aspect I pulled: 7 of swords, Temperance, and Ace of pentacles.  Change is here now!  Support for your creativity is here if you will only accept it.  Don’t be suspicious.  Say yes.

Mars Trine Jupiter

The Tarot cards for this aspect are: 5 of wands, the Empress, and Ace of Swords.  Change is not everything staying the same. This may seem obvious, but for you to accept the growth that is here for you now, you have to change your mind about what you see.