Learn Tarot

Tarot is a visual intuitive oracle.  Yes, the cards have “meanings”.  However getting fixated on tarot card meanings alone will get you backed into a corner quickly.

Tarot works its magic through visual themes, refrains, clues, homonyms and a host of other methods.

On this page I am attempting to group certain lessons together to help you become the Tarot reader you strive to be.

I am open to suggestions for this page, so if you have questions or there is something in particular you’d like to see addressed, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Reading Tarot Cards Visually

Refrains in Tarot

Tarot in the Real World

Moving Images

Tarot Card Definitions

My Take on Tarot Card Definitions

Tarot Card Reversals

Tarot and Dreams

10 Thoughts That Keep You From Reading Tarot

What if I’m not Right?

Learn Tarot from Tracy Jordan

What to Say in a Tarot Reading

5 Different Ways to Open a Tarot Reading

Tarot Card Reading Club

Join the Card Thrower’s Club and learn by doing!